Notion /dividers: Landscape Pack

Lari Niehl
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What is this?

Dividers in .png-format for you to make your Notion workspace your own!

The Landscape Pack includes 10 delightful, custom-made dividers in different styles.

How do I use my new dividers?

After checkout you will be directed to a Notion doc with all the dividers in it. Duplicate it into your workspace. From there, you can copy and paste the ones you like to use them anywhere in your workspace!

You could also download the PNGs in a ZIP-folder, which is embedded in the Notion doc as well, if you'd like to save them on your computer.

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Who made these?

Me! Lari Niehl 🐡😃


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  • 10 different custom-designed Notion dividers

  • 10 different custom-designed Notion dividers


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Notion /dividers: Landscape Pack

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